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How to Find the Gas Shutoff Valve

The presence of gas in a closed area can have devastating effects without the right precautions. Sparks produced by static electricity, turning on/off light switches, talking on the phone, smoking a cigarette or lighting candles – can set off massive explosions. Although gas leak explosions are rare – about 300 people still die from gas poisoning each year. Most of us rely on our sense of smell to detect gas leaks, but some people have a diminished sense of smell and therefore require home gas detectors. Such devices are useful in every household, and can protect against gas poisoning in times that we cannot depend on our sense of smell - when we have a cold or are asleep.

Domestic gas line runs contain main and service/supply shutoff valves. Turning off the main gas shutoff valve will stop gas supply to the entire home while closing the service/supply valve will stop gas supply to a specific gas operated appliance such as a water heater, dryer, stove, or a gas fireplace. Knowing where gas shutoff valves are located in your home can prove valuable during gas emergencies.

Main Gas Shutoff Valve
Natural gas shutoff valve is located before the water meter, and is accessible to gas company and fire department personnel as well as heating contractors and plumbers. Homeowners can access the house-side main shutoff valve located after the meter, and before the first gas fixture. Propane gas shutoff valves are located on the actual storage tank behind buildings or hidden underground.

Service/Supply Shutoff Valve
Gas appliances are equipped with individual service or supply shutoff valves that can be turned off to stop gas flow to one fixture without cutting off supply to the rest of the house.

Blown Pilot Lights
Closing main or service shutoff valves may extinguish pilot light on gas appliances without automatic ignition. Avail of the manufacturer's instructions or call in Plumber Washington DC to relight blown pilot lights.

In an event of a gas leak it is highly recommended to evacuate your home and call the gas company from a neighbor's house. Shutting off gas valves can be conducted under the following conditions only:

1. You know the exact location of the gas shutoff valve.

2. You have located the source of the gas leak.

3. You know for certain the gas was not leaking for a long time.

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