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How to Conserve Water in the Home with Leak Detection Tips

Although water is becoming increasingly scarce, we can become water conscious consumers and employ water conservation techniques around the home to help save on this much needed asset. The best way to save on water is to watch out for above ground leaks, hidden water flows and slab leaks. Learn here how to conserve water in the home with indoor and outdoor leak detection surveillance.

-Dripping faucets are a common problem in many homes, and are usually caused by worn out valves and loose washers. Leaky faucets can waste about 180 gallons of water per month and 2,160 gallons annually. Depending on your faucet type, dripping faucets are easy to repair and probably require the replacement of the defective washer or valve.
-Flow restrictors will also help you cut down on excessive water usage. Installing restrictors on all faucets and shower heads can decrease water flow from 5-10 gallons per minute to 1.4-3 gallons per minute.

-Kitchen sinks are common leak sources. Conduct an under sink, weekly examination for sudden water puddles.
-Run full loads of dishwashers

-Like the kitchen, conduct an under sink, weekly examination for leaks.
-With ceramic floors check for loose tiles and missing grout. Without grout protection, water can flow beneath tiles.
-Check for toilet leak problems. Leaky toilets can add up to $500 to your water bill.
-Reduce water released per toilet flush by replacing older units with low flush models or placing water displacement devices in tanks.

Pools and Spas:
-Regular leak detection examinations will help you pick up leaks and apply the appropriate repair. Pool leaks are huge water wasters and can let out more than 1,000 gallons daily.
-Assess your automatic water filler for faulty operation. Fillers that continually release water are red flag for pool leaks.
-Keep track of the amount of chemicals you use for the pool. Sudden increases in quantities or algae growth following chemical treatment are warning signs for pool leaks.
-A pool cover will help you minimize water loss through evaporation, and will cut down heating costs.

Don't ignore the warning signs of leaks. Ignorance will cost you in water wastage, high water bills and extensive damages. Stop the leak fast with the 24/7 emergency repair of Plumber Washington DC and benefit your wallet as well as the environment.

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