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How to Identify Saving Opportunities on your Water Bill

High water bills are the result of undetected leaks or exaggerated water consumption. Becoming a water wise consumer will not only help you conserve water but will also heighten your leak detection awareness and your ability to identify saving opportunities on your water bill.

When presented with an unusually spiked water bill ask yourself the following questions:

-Has there been a recent change in the number of people occupying or visiting your house?

-Are you aware of leaks in and around the home?

-Have you been refilling your swimming pool this month?

When answers to these question are "no" – Plumber Washington DC advises homeowners to check for sources of water loss in their home and backyard with the help of their water meter. Located in a concrete box in ground, in front of your home - your water meter is a great leak detection tool. To check for leaky sources go to your water meter and record the black and white digits that your water meter displays. Wait overnight without using your toilets, showers, sinks, faucets and bathtubs. After this test period read again your water meter. If digits are different to your first read – you have a leak somewhere in or around your home.

After establishing the presence of a leaky source - try the following leak detection tips:

1. Listen for running water and try to follow the sound to its source.

2. Look out for dripping faucets that can waste gallons of water and bump up your water bill considerably.

3. Test your toilet for leaks with the food dye test. Add several drops of food dye to tank. If after thirty minutes colored water appears in the bowl – your toilet is leaking. Call one of your local plumbers for fast repair.

4. Look for hot spots and warm patches on floors and under carpets. Damp areas on your floor can result from broken water pipes under concrete slab.

5. Check outdoor faucets, sprinklers and irrigation system for leaks.

6. Check your water heater for leaks and sediment accumulation in the tank. If you are looking to replace your old water heater consider tankless units for high water and energy efficiency.

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