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Toilet Services

Toilets are among the most used household plumbing fixtures. They are in such high demand that it's perfectly normal to find several of them in a single house. But because they're always in demand, whatever plumbing problems they have simply can't wait.

We, the experts of Plumber Washington DC, can bail you out of your toilet troubles with our topnotch plumbing services, and can even teach you a thing or two about handling minor problems yourself.

How Your Toilet Works

You need to know how your toilet works before you can hope to fix it, or even identify its problems. We'll be glad to provide you with this valuable information. This is what happens inside your toilet's tank and bowl, just as soon as you push down the toilet handle:

A chain connected to the handle pulls open the flush valve in the tank, allowing around two gallons of water to flow into the tank's drain hole. The rush of gallons of water down the toilet bowl triggers its siphon, which sucks the water (and the flushed waste) down the drain.

As the tank's water level drops, so does its filler float. As it drops, the float activates the refill valve, which allows water to flow through it to fill the tank and bowl. The float rises once the tank is full, deactivating the refill valve. If, for whatever reason, the refill valve doesn't deactivate, the tank's overflow tube will prevent flooding.

If anything goes wrong with any of these parts, contact us before the problem/s get worse. We guarantee swift, effective solutions to clogged toilets, leaking toilets, overflowing toilets, and all other toilet problems. You can also contact us to learn more about the mechanics of your toilet. We can even teach you how to install a toilet or how to go about basic toilet tank repair.

Toilet Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

You can successfully complete toilet replacement and toilet installation on your own, if you follow our instructions to the letter. Here are some fundamental steps for you to take:

  • turn off your toilet's shutoff valve
  • pull out your old tank's water line, and attach a new line to your new tank
  • fully drain your old tank and bowl prior to removing them
  • remove old nuts and bolts using a wrench, and fasten new ones to their respective toilet replacement parts

Contact us for more detailed instructions, or to have us adeptly install your new toilet. We can save you time, effort, and – with our prices – money, as well. Our toilet work can also ensure that you won't have to face any problems that result from faulty installation.

Don't forget that we at Plumber Washington are also experienced in toilet repair and maintenance. We can fix your toilet and keep it working like new, thanks to our expertise and our penchant for finding and supplying the finest toilet repair parts and toilet supplies.

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