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Bathtubs and Showers

Since you can't go too long without a bath, you need to keep your bathtub and shower safe from common plumbing problems. While this may seem to be a daunting task, you can manage it easily with some knowledge of do-it-yourself plumbing and some professional assistance.

Most of your shower problems will probably involve two things: the flow and temperature of water. A good example of the former problem is the accumulation of water deposits in your showerhead, which considerably limits your water flow. To regain the full function of your showerhead, the deposits must either be removed or dissolved.

Shower leaks are also common problems. If your shower won't stop dripping, one or more of your shower's internal parts may be defective. Naturally, you'll either have to repair or replace these parts to stop the leak.

Your shower may also suffer from temperature fluctuations. These are instances when your shower's water temperature (and at times, water pressure) changes abruptly when another plumbing fixture is used in your house. Possible causes for this problem include rusted pipes and a low water supply, among many others. The most practical solution to this problem is the installation of new plumbing parts following a thorough inspection of your plumbing system.

Your bathtub's problems, on the other hand, will likely involve its drain. Foul odors and drainpipe clogs are fairly common bathtub problems.

If you're dealing with the former, then you must have a problem with your trap, the section of the pipe that keeps the smell of sewage from your home. Since the trap uses water to block the smell, it may have dried up as a result of infrequent tub use, or it may have cracks that render it unable to hold water. This dilemma can be solved either by pouring water down your tub drain more often, or having your trap repaired or replaced.

If it's a clog you're having trouble with, then the accumulation of hair, dirt, and other deposits in your tubs drainpipe must have made it nearly impossible for water to seep through. This can be remedied by using the appropriate plumbing tools to clear your drain.

Contact us to help you with these plumbing problems. We at Washington Plumber guarantee that you won't be burdened by these problems whenever you need to bathe. Our licensed NYC plumbers are standing by, ready to offer our extensive plumbing services.

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